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But I do lots of other stuff too.

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I’m working on putting these flying fox skull casts on my storenvy and etsy. Working out pretty well so far. They’ll be available in every colour. I’m still not sure how much I’ll sell them for.

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So everyone, it’s that time of year again. You know the one, the time when bills have come barrelling in, computers are slowly dying and employers still fail to call back. So, rather then isolate myself to my room, cover my ears and sing really loudly for the next few months I’m hoping to make a little extra income while doing something that brings me immense joy and satisfaction. Just email me at if your interested. I’d love to hear from you :D

$6 x x x

Full body
$10 flats (no shading) x x
$15 with no/single colour background x x x
$20 with background x

$8 to $12 depending on complexity x x x x x

Also a reminder that I have a separate pony commissions post over on my mlp blog :)

Seamless pattern
$10 to $20 depending on complexity x

Simple Pokemon/Trainer portrait (no shading, single colour background)  
$10 for two pokemon +$5 per extra pokemon x x

This is a friend of mine and a waaaaay better artist than me. Go check out her stuff. Commissions are open!

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My dragon glove is finally complete! I still have a lot of elytra left over so I might end up doing the rest of the arm. This is all I had planned to do.

The taxidermy category on eBay is really cool.